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Christmas With You
“Jeez! Could Snowpeak have been ANY colder?!” Midna complained as she shivered hard.
“Well...yeah, that's why they call it Snowpeak.” Link said dryly.
They had just finished in retrieving the Mirror Shard from the yetis up at their mansion in Snowpeak. Seeing all the snow reminded Link of the upcoming Holiday that Hyrule celebrated. The time of the Great Giving, as they called it. In other places, it was called Christmas.
It was rarely cold enough to snow in Hyrule, but it was said that sometimes every few years, it would snow a little bit on that evening. They also said that if you experienced watching the snow with the one you love, you'll be together for the rest of your lives.
They were now in Hyrule Field after having just left Zora's Domain. It was still fairly early in the daytime, with clouds hanging overhead.
It was the day of Great Giving, and Link could only feel sorry for how the children of Ordon felt, not being able to celebrate with their families. No
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Affectionately Artistic
The Hero looked at Midna as she spoke to him. She came out of his shadow, solid form, staring at him intently.
“Yes?” He prompted, chewing on a strand of wheat between his teeth.
“Get me a writing increment and some paper.” Midna told him simply.
Link's eyes blinked a few times. Here they were, relaxing in Faron Spring, and she asked for the most odd thing ever. They'd just came from the Temple of Time after achieving a third shard of the Mirror of Twilight, and now had to find a way to restore power to the now useless Dominion Rod, and find a way to get into the sky.
“...Excuse me?” Link managed.
“Did I stutter or something?” Midna huffed. “I want some paper and something to write with! Is it that difficult?!”
“Well no, but...why?” Link wanted to know.
“Do I have to have a reason for EVERYTHING?! Just get them for me!” Midna ordered.
“Get them yourself.”
“Uh, hello? Why do you think
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Best Birthday Ever
It was Link's birthday, but at this time, Link had no time to really think about it. The adventure he'd been through had not only worn him out considerably, but he still had a few tasks ahead of him to complete. Saving Zelda, defeating Ganondorf, finding the rest of the Poes to save Jiovani, finding the rest of the Golden Bugs for Princess Agitha, and bringing Shad to the City in the Sky for a first hand experience with the Oocca.
Although Link forgot, or didn't think about his birthday, someone sure did. That's right, of all people, Midna did.
Over the past few months, the two of them had gotten to know each other more and became good friends between their adventures to the various temples in order to retrieve the three Fused Shadow pieces and the four Mirror of Twilight shards. So it was only natural that Midna decided to take a moment and remember her friend and companion's own birthday.
She had spent the whole day preparing for it, and let Link have a nap since it had also been a l
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Midna sat back in bed. She played with a stray lock of hair. Her thoughts ran quickly; she felt depressed. Disliked. Unloved.
"M'lady?" A soft, concered voice said. Midna sat up quickly,pushing the orange golden hair form her bare shoulders. A smal Twili servant scurried in, dark blue and gold robes swishing softly. He looked up at Midna with pure, golden eyes. A sol had been glowing brightly, and it sent a pleasing glow upon the Twili's skin and the whole room.
"What is it?" Midna's voice was harder than she ment to  be, and the servant took a step back.
"I-I j-just w-wanted to t-t-tell you that..."  The servant began, but MIdna cut him off shortly.
"Whatever it is, it can wait. I want to take a walk through the Twili gardens. Do not disturb me." Midan go out of bed, leaving the Twili servant and deep purple sheets into a rumpled, confused heap.
I'm not always this mean, Midna thought to herself. I'm tolarable, but my heart...My fragile, hurting heart was shattered
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Love the legend of Zelda series, my fav is twilight princess. I started to draw Midna a few years ago.


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